Monday, October 12, 2015

Dichotomous Keys with a Touch of the Peculiar just right for Halloween in Secondary Science

I created two new dichotomous keys in October, one focuses on animals and humanoids with legends, myths and cryptids. I also threw in some real genetic diseases which are thought to have been the precursor to Halloween ghouls such as vampires and werewolves. The name of this dichotomous key is Cryptozoology Dichotomous Key: Monsters, Spooks, and Ghouls.

The second dichotomous key I created focuses on the odd members of the Plant Kingdom. In this dichotomous key students will classify carnivorous, poisonous or curious plants. The students will use knowledge of planting zones and plant anatomy to complete this dichotomous key. It is called Carnivorous, Poisonous and Curious Botanicals. 

Even if you do not get to use these mind boggling dichotomous Keys in class for October, there are plenty of other chances you can use these lessons, for your Taxonomy and classification unit, following a state of college board exam? They also make great end of the year activities. Be sure to check out my full collection of dichotomous keys!

This activity can be used in its power point format to upload to a classroom website and have the students use laptops or iPads to go through the pictures. 

You could use the power point for whole class instruction and work through the dichotomous key will all the students participating.

If you do not have a class website / laptops or iPads you could print the slides out and use them as task cards set up in small groups around your class like centers.

You could also print out handouts with a few slides on each page for the students to use. 
This activity has quite a few different ways it can be implemented into your classroom. 

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